Nickel-Cobalt Properties

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Nickel and Cobalt
Piauí and Goiás
Paved highway, water, nearby electrical power grid

Why Nickel and Cobalt?

Nickel and cobalt are key battery metals needed for the growth phase in EV production. Cobalt is on the list of the 35 minerals considered critical to the economic and national security of the United States as first published by the U.S. Department of the Interior on May 18, 2018. In general, the greater the amount of nickel and cobalt, the greater the energy density of an EV battery, a factor that contributes to the storage of more energy. As a practical example of the importance of nickel and cobalt, EVs whose batteries have a higher energy density can run more kilometers before a recharge is needed.

Piauí – the nickel and cobalt deposits occur constrained to the fold belts of Riacho do Pontal. This geological structure is originated from tectonic stresses responsible for the rise of basic to ultrabasic fluids that crystallize element-rich minerals such as nickel and cobalt. The presence of these mineralized rocks added to the arid climate of the region resulted in the formation of soil layers enriched in these elements.

Goiás – this region is marked by numerous intrusions enriched in heavy elements. Mineralized deposits are formed through supergene enrichment and soil formation, derived from ultramafic rocks in mantle intrusions. These conditions permit formation of metric layers of soil with high Nickel and Cobalt content.